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 Message to Overseas Investors

TIW is one of Japan’s few truly independent securities research companies. We commenced operations in 2000 with the aim of providing investors with impartial, unbiased information. Although our activities to date have centered on Japanese retail investors, in 2007 we started cultivating overseas investors.
In our first foray overseas, we began serving investors in South Korea in February 2008. We plan to reinforce our capabilities and provide services to investors in English-speaking countries in the near future.

Our most important strength lies in the fact that we ourselves are a venture company.
In this role, we have a deeper understanding than analysts at regular research houses about issues facing Japanese venture companies. Therefore, we are better able to identify corporate value that is genuine, not superficial.

Our mission is to introduce exceptional Japanese corporations and venture companies to overseas investors. In the near future, we plan to launch an English-language research report covering Japanese corporations and venture companies. The report will target investors in English-speaking nations.

We trust that overseas investors interested in Japanese companies will support us in our effort to improve an effective “analyst report” infrastructure in Japan, which is lagging well behind other major nations.

For inquiries about our products, please contact TIW.

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