TIW    Toward the Infinite World ,Inc.

Toward the Infinite World

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 Company Overview

Company Name

Toward the Infinite World, Inc.

Origin of Company

“TIW” stands for “Toward the Infinite World.” Through appropriate investments in growth industries and companies, we at TIW will strive to boost employment and help create comfortable living environments. By also delivering attractive returns to investors, we hope to encourage social and economic advancement. Our company name embodies our quest, which is to tap the unlimited potential of the capital markets.


March 15,2000

Head Office

NISSAN-bldg.201 , 4-8-6 iidabashi , Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo 102-0072 , Japan

Phone / Facsimile

Tel: +81-0(3)-6272-4000 Fax: +81-0(3)-6272-4001


26.5 million YEN(as of March 31,2008)

Representative Director

Yasuaki Fujine(Profile

Our Mission

- Contribute the healthy development of capital market by providing fair and
    neutral information
- Establish the framework for independent analysts as a private-sector
    watchdog in Japanese market


1. Analyst Report Issue
2. Corporate and Industrial Research
3. Various Consulting Service for Finacial Institutiouns

Business Partners

JIJI Press Ltd. / Diamond Inc. / Thomson Financial
IFIS Japan Ltd. / Kadokawa Digix Incorporated


The Security Analysts Association of Japan